We all dread that feeling when you know you have just kerbed your alloy. The damage stands out like a sore thumb and you want it repaired straight away.

KS SMART REPAIRS (NW) provide an alloy wheel repair service to take the wheel back to its original glory. But how do we do it…?


1. We begin by deflating the tyre and pushing the tyre away from the wheel rim using a bead breaker, before cleaning the wheel with a strong, quick-drying degreaser to remove any traces of break dust or dirt.
2. Next, we sand the damaged areas of the wheel to remove the more minor scratches. The worse scuffs may need an alloy filler applying, which is then allowed to set, before the area is sanded again to bring the filler down to the level of the rest of the wheel and ensure it is the correct shape.
3. An abrasive pad, similar to a green washing up pad, is then used to put fine scratches into the rest of the wheel, in order to provide a key for the paint.
4. Next, we use primer to cover any areas of exposed metal or filler, before we colour match the alloy wheel to the correct paint colour. Any sanded or primed areas are then sprayed with paint to cover, before the paint is blended into the rest of the wheel.
5. The wheel is finally lacquered, to the desired gloss/matte finish, before being cured under an infrared lamp and re-inflated.

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