KS SMART REPAIRS specialise in all types of scratch repairs; from surface scratches that can be polished out, to deep key scratches that have exposed the metal.



Vandalism, shopping trolleys, bushes…there are countless ways your vehicle’s paintwork can end up scratched. Even getting your vehicle washed can create scratches! Such damage can not only reduce your car’s resale or trade-in value, but it can also lead to further damage, such as rust, if not repaired properly.

KS SMART REPAIRS can repair the unattractive scratch, leaving an invisible repair and helping you to avoid additional repair costs down the line.

We offer a fully mobile scratch repair service, whereby we come to you and carry out the repair at your home or your place of work at a time to suit you. No need to go through your insurance, no need to send your car to a body shop for two days; just give us a call or drop us a WhatsApp message and let us do the rest.

KS SMART REPAIRS (NW) LTD are a customer-orientated business that strive every day to become the North West’s most respected mobile car paint repair organisation by delivering the highest quality repairs at our clients’ convenience.

We view integrity as key to customer satisfaction, therefore all of our communication with customers is conducted in an open and honest fashion. We provide a full assessment without any obligation whatsoever.

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